Hi, I’m Australian thriller writer Ellie Marney, and this is a monthly roundup of all the things on my radar – books, writing, new releases, oddspot research, recs, book club, as well as general life stuff.

Because of the whole ‘thriller writer’ thing, some of my oddspots are a little bloodthirsty and esoteric, but that’s probably why you’re here, right?

I’ve got ten YA crime novels to my name – including the Every series, No Limits, White Night, the Circus Hearts series, None Shall Sleep, and The Killing Code - and my eleventh book, Some Shall Break, is on the way (keep a lookout for June 2023 or check my website).

I have a paywalled section of the newsletter called Nailbiters for readers who would like in-depth updates and behind-the-scenes content related to the None Shall Sleep sequence of novels, plus early editions and special swag when the next book releases.

My regular newsletter The Black Hand also has book or swag giveaways, and I provide special offers and sneak peeks for my readers. Occasionally I ask for reviews, but I try not to be too obnoxious about it.

If that sounds like it might be in your wheelhouse, then you’re in the right place.

See you soon :)


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